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The CRC scheme and its affect on data centres31-12-2010

Harry Forbes, CTO at Nexans Cabling Solutions looks at how the CRC scheme will affect your business

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Linx lays the foundation16-06-2010

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the world's largest Internet exchange points.

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Further and faster12-10-2009

Is your cabling holding you back from improved performance or throttling your development?  Graeme Stoker, marketing manager EMEA for infrastructure experts Siemon, gives his insight into possible causes and how to make the right choices that will take you faster and further without unacceptable risk

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Green data centres and cabling choices06-10-2009

With energy efficiency seen as the dominant characteristic of a green data centre, the adoption of new cabling technologies can ensure adherence to the EU Code of Conduct for data centres and enable organisations to realise significant OpEx savings long-term. 

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Totally connected01-10-2009

DCM looks at how HBOS decided that it needed a structured cabling solution and how it was implemented

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Fresh choice for Morrisons12-08-2009

Morrisons keeps its data centre cool with purpose-built 10GBASE-T structured cabling

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