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Show your expansion worries the door04-03-2013

Chris Wellfair, projects director at Secure I.T. Environments, shares a discovering he made that could make a big different to when and how you expand your data centre.

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Cutting the cost of Cooling14-01-2013

Keith Stocker from Finning Power Systems examines the principle of tri-generation (or combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP)) as an alternative means of cooling the data space – an option that can deliver a range of financial and environment incentives for cost-conscious operators.

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The next generation of liquid cooling28-11-2012

Peter Hopton, CTO of Iceotope looks at the benefits of liquid cooling

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Modular approach26-11-2012

Eaton-Williams energy saving cooling technology has benefited Colt’s Modular data centre approach

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Playing it cool with data centre efficiency21-11-2012

Alex Mason, UK Operations Manager at Interxion, examines the basic data centre efficiency measures that are often overlooked, but can deliver massive energy and cost savings

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Cool datacentres14-09-2012

William Booth, business manager of test & microclimate at BSRIA, provides the answers to technical questions on cooling

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