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Data centre emergency power systems15-07-2014

Paul Brickman, Crestchic looks at data centre power systems & air conditioning plant testing & commissioning

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Are you outage ready?19-06-2014

Ofgem’s recent energy supply capacity report paints an even bleaker picture than its first shocking warning a year ago. Brian Muirie from standby power specialist, Dieselec Thistle, discusses why we’re in danger of the lights going out and what the data centre sector needs to do about it.

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Power struggles – planning for business continuity05-06-2014

Rob Tanzer, technical support manager AC Power, Emerson Network Power, UK, looks at the threat that power outages pose

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Be smart about power monitoring28-04-2014

Geist’s VP of International Operations Gordon Hutchison puts the case for accurate and targeted data collection to ensure smart power monitoring

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Tried and tested03-03-2014

Microsoft’s Thames Valley MTC helps companies make decisions about IT strategy – from the applications they need for successful operations to how they roll them out enterprise-wide, as private cloud or hosted services. A high density data centre, architected using Schneider Electric hardware and software, is core to this service provision.

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Back up your batteries31-10-2013

Parallel string, valve-regulated battery arrangement are the most common method of supporting the load in static UPS installations.  For higher power loads, they provide a more cost-efficient means of providing the necessary capacity, but only if they are selected and monitored carefully warns Mike Smith, UPS sales manager at Finning Power Systems

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