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Additional security from MACsec06-11-2013

Paul Dillien, marketing consultant for Algotronix describes how to add an additional layer of security to switches.

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Securing your telemetry01-05-2013

Securing your telemetry

In high sensitivity and high security data centres everything should be treated as sensitive. This extends beyond the data being exchanged or stored on servers to include any telemetry that is being used to control the basic environment. This data can be used to discover information about the equipment in the data centre and cause problems. Mark Hirst of Cannon Technologies looks at the issues concerned and what solutions are available to data centre managers looking to up their security.

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The Growth of managed security services08-04-2013

Colin Tankard, managing director, Digital Pathways looks at outsourcing your security

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Cyber Threats – it’s not just in the cloud23-01-2013

Mark Mooney is head of product line corporate security for Siemens. Here he looks at physical threats to the data centre

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Is your business at risk of a security threat?19-09-2012

Is your business at risk of a security threat?

Simon Richardson, managing partner, ITogether, discusses why businesses must take charge of IT security or risk severe financial implications

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Lights, camera, action!05-09-2012

Lights, camera, action!

As well as housing important active equipment, cabinets and racks also need to protect the sensitive data contained within them. Mark Hirst, T4 product manager at Cannon Technologies explains why sophisticated access control and monitoring technology is an essential component of any containment solution

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